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Non-ETL tools used everyday in the real time job


Working at the enterprise level company doesn’t always mean we should deal with big and sophisticated tools and software. Most of the times the simple and day to day used software used in our non-office time are also useful. In this writing, I’m going to discuss on some of the very common tools we use and which can be very much helpful in our real-time work environment too. This might look like very simplistic to those we work at the enterprise level companies, but I’m definitely sure that this will be very much helpful for all the newcomers.

  1. Microsoft Excel

People think MS Excel is an ordinary tool. In fact, it is not. It is the very best data validation tool. In most of the time, you can do the data validation without using the complex SQL queries with the help of the MS Excel. There are some functions and formulas in Excel, which if used correctly, helps significantly in the Data validation. Some of the majorly used functions are the use of the IF statement, pivot table, basic arithmetic calculation like addition, subtraction, use of the Filters, etc. Similarly, Excel can help in the report preparation and analysis. Similarly, the data in two excel sheets can be compared using other tools like Excel Compare tool.

  1. Microsoft Word

As per my view, Microsoft Word is the Number one tool used in everyday work. The use of this tool doesn’t need any explanation. A tester needs this tool in every minute of the office hours. Use of this tool includes creating reports, notices, saving documents, important screenshots, test evidence and so on.

  1. Microsoft PowerPoint

This is also one of the most used tools by the tester. This tool mostly helps in preparing slides and reports as well as presentations in a colorful and decorative style. This tool will be helpful during meetings, presentation and seminars and other group-based discussions.

Common Tools
Common Tools
  1. Microsoft Paint

The general concept about Microsoft paint is that it can help in creating arts, pictures, decorating them coloring them. But this tool is very much helpful for a tester. For example, when you want to have a screenshot as your testing evidence then you can paste that shot in the MS Paint and then you can highlight the particular part with different colors. Similarly, you can crop the picture as per your required size as well as can change the format of the picture while saving

  1. Snipping Tool

Just type Snipping Tool in your windows search box and you will find this tool on your computer. The use of this application is quite similar to that of the MS Paint, but in this application, you don’t need to take screenshot and paste to it. All you need to do is open the screen where you want to take a shot and then click on “New” button of the Snipping tool and then select intended area of the screen which you need. That it will do the cropping while taking the screenshot which saves that extra bit of time. Similarly, you can highlight the particular portion of the screenshot after capturing it into the application.

  1. Notepad

Notepad is one of the most common tools in the real time work environment. Mostly software testers use this tool to save the data extracted from the database query. The developers use this tool to write their coding as well. Similarly, the data stored in the Notepad can be easily exported to the Excel sheet for the data validation. The good thing about this tool is, it is very easy to use and has very few settings.

  1. Sticky Notes

This tool doesn’t have anything to help with your day to day work, but this tool will be very helpful to remind you about the things you need to do/complete in your real time work.  You can use this to save some valuable information like IDs, Passwords, and so on.

  1. Microsoft Outlook

This is highly preferred communication tool used in the most of the offices. Outlook tool is very useful in sending and receiving emails, files, and documents. Similarly, it can help in organizing and managing meetings. In most of the office, there will be the separate team who will configure the setting and information based on the organizational structure of you company. You cannot just open and use this tool at your office. They should be migrated towards using this tool. When configured you can use this tool to book the meeting rooms, see the availability of the meeting attendees based on their calendar status.

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