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Python Exercises and Interesting Codes

Collection of Python Exercises and Codes


Hello Folks,

I am learning Python from the very basic knowledge set. My strategy is to learn something first, then creating some interesting projects using the stuff I have learned, and then share the knowledge with all of you out there. I will provide the link to the cool exercises I have done in this post and keep adding more links to it when I create more. When you open these links, you can run, modify or update these codes. Keep learning and please provide your feedback and comments in the comment box below. One more thing, to all the talented folks, please don’t be mad with me if my code sounds very easy and has some errors. In that case please help me make it better. I am a newbie in the field of python programming and trying to learn it.

  1. Convert your Marks into Grade

      2. Calculate your Expenses and Split among the friends (Works Just like the Splitwise Mobile App)

      3. Find out which federal holiday falls under which months under a continuous loop

      4. Tic Tac Toe game using python code (This code is copied from Stack Overflow)

      5. Hangman game using python code (This code is copied from Stack Overflow)

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